• Global research for global good

    The Global Research Alliance  is applying innovative science and technology, through collaboration and co-creation, to deliver access equality, improve lives, and solve global development challenges. Click on the numbered tabs, on the right, to discover more.

  • Addressing national, global and future challenges in development

    Through this collaboration of nine of the world’s leading applied-research agencies, the GRA is able to mobilise the most effective, cross-cultural, and multiple-disciplinary teams to deliver innovative and affordable solutions to improve the lives of people in developing countries.

  • We create partnerships with shared commitment and vision

    The GRA implements our solutions through partnership-based projects, combing the expertise of scientists with the local knowledge and understanding of communities, development partners, industry and the private sector.

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Any questions or inquiries regarding the Global Research Alliance can be directed to the GRA Executive Office at:

t: +61 2 6276 6368

e: GRA@csiro.au